RAPPA Mobile Yards

With 25 years’ experience in mobile livestock systems, Rappa know exactly what works when it comes to designing and building our own yards. We’ve listened to our customers and come up with what we believe to be the best out there. Customers get the reassurance of a product of premium quality, built in our factory in the UK and supported by our unrivalled customer service.

The Rappa Yard is the strongest, quickest and most user-friendly mobile yard on the market. Simple, robust and easy to set up, it makes short work of today’s shepherding tasks and is the ideal solution for handling sheep both at home or away.

    • Simple, robust and quick to deploy, it makes short work of drafting, vaccinating, tagging, drenching and more
    • Exceptionally strong trailer design with excellent drafting options but still light to handle
    • Front drafting gates enable shedding without unloading the penning hurdles
    • Fully galvanized steel trailer base for strength combined with lightweight but strong aluminium components
    • 0% Finance packages now available, call for more details
    • Rappa are proud to manufacture in the UK using the latest state of the art equipment
    • Our factory in Hampshire makes everything from the steel base to heat treated aluminium components
    • All of our products are fully supported with excellent after sales care and back-up from experts in stock management
    • Anything you need to do can be done with a Rappa Mobile Yard
    • Two hurdle heights 0.9m (36”) and 1.0m and three lengths 1.5m (5’), 1.8m (6’) and 2.1m (7’) available
    • Panels come  2.5m (8’) long and two heights of 0.9m (36”) and 1.0m (39”)
    • Panel height can be adjusted in the field utilizing the multiple lugs found on all Rappa spreaders
    • Hurdle design with uprights at the top of every hurdle reduces the incidence of broken legs
    • The floating design discourages stock from pushing against it, minimizing wear and tear
    • Matt plastic-coated panels and Yard sides are easily washed down and kept bio-secure
    • Designed to encourage sheep flow, reducing stress and increasing through put
    • Different size models available to suit your flock size, from the smallholder with 20 sheep to the largest flocks of 1000+
    • Easy to expand as your flock grows, all Rappa yard components can be purchased individually
    • Rappa mobile yards can be built to match your needs, we scale your Yard to suit you
    • Fully compatible with most other mobile handling systems available in the UK
    • With 25 years experience in mobile handling livestock systems we know what works 
Around 50 SHEEP
Around 70 SHEEP
Around 100 SHEEP
Around 250 SHEEP
Around 500+ SHEEP